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Final Assignment Instructions

171219 ETSAM Final Instructions IMAGE

Final Assignment Instructions:  

In relation with the date and format

  • The deadline for the final assignment is going to be December 19th at the class schedule time 19,00 h. The classroom designated for the last Assignment presentation and the next day event is 1G2. We also remind you that we have a special event 20th  “Open class” in which all the units of Design Studio produce an exhibition about the semester work. At the end of this event we will pin the grades of the course at the unit cork-board.
  • It is compulsory to have the file with your data and a Portrait Picture of you in order to refresh in our minds your trajectory along the course. (Folders without this information will be out of the grades)
  • All the documents need to be folded to A-3 format in order to put them in your course folder.
  • The folder must be organize in sections related with the three exercises of the course, and the final assignment needs to be clearly labelled as an independent section
  • Don´t forget to put your complete name and the level (P5 or P6) in all your documents
  • For the second exercise in which you worked in groups, you can put an A3 file indicating the member of the group that has the complete set of documents of the final proposal, and one picture of the model printed to facilitate a quick recognition
  • It is not possible to collect the models, so be sure you take good pictures of them to express the process followed

In relation with the number and type of documents

As you know the contact with the ground, the relationship stablished with the existing building, the underground levels, the whole different circuits of vertical and horizontal movements, the sequence of uses designed, the general layout of these uses, the intermidiate types of plans depending on the special parts of the program, the endings of the vertical structure, the relation between the structure and another systems used, etc, are the main topics in our conversations at class, so you have to represent these issues as best as you can.

You can organize your final A2 documents as you want in order to explain your project bu the following information need to be integrated

  • Site plan with your proposal in the existing contextual place
  • Process Summary. Diagrams, collage, maps, models that help us to identify the proposal strategies, and the process used
  • Set of plans; basement, ground floor, significant intermediate levels, top level, roof plan. [with pieces of furniture, labels indicating uses and the hight of the slab (+ 3.00 +8,00 -4,00), Oriented scale 1/250]
  • At least two perpendicular sections and one elevation to explain the materialization of the project [with pieces of furniture, labels indicating uses and the hight of the slab (+ 3.00 +8,00 -4,00), Oriented scale 1/250]
  • An Axonometric or three dimensional drawing explaining the general systems of the building
  • Photomontage or collage that expresses the atmosphere of your proposal.
  • Last proposal Model and pictures of it included in the A2 documents

The scales estimated for each type of document are only indicative, you can adapt them depending on your own proposal necessities.

See you there!

3rd Exercise Assignment_Vertical Campus

Vertical Campus

Blanca Lleó Unit 12
Blanca Lleó + Juan Elvira + Fernando Pino
Design Studio 5 y 6. Fall 2017_ETSAM Madrid


Exercise 3: Vertical Mobility. Vertical Campus ETSAM Madrid.
The program proposed is a Vertical Structure that will contain two faculties with nearby programs, which will allow incorporating a large part of common uses not only among them but with the actual School of Architecture. Superior School of Arts and Architecture and Superior School of Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia which will train those who will present the culture and work produced in this new landmark for the culture of the city.
Besides the approach of the amalgam of programs organized in height for public and private use, as well as the thought on the central topic of the course, in this case about the movement in vertical architecture, it will be of great importance to incorporate open spaces in height as part of the proposal. The second line of approach to the project will be the organization of a vertical growth and the way in which it can be considered from the choice of constructive and structural systems to be used.
Suggested Program
As a students you know the teaching architectural program of a High School of Architecture pretty well, so you can check the necessary data in order to think about new ways to organize the new proposed architecture teaching model.
The Vertical Structure proposed needs to host two really strong linked Universities. The first one as not only extension of the current School of Architecture ETSAM, but also as a model integrating other Art fields. The second one has to include the High School of Visual Communication and Media studies. That means there will be an intermidiate or shared program connecting both universities which has to be designed.

Here you can find the types of intended uses and the general square meters needed as a program orientation for each university and for common spaces.
HIgh School of Architecture and Arts 3000 m2
Apart of the theory class rooms and general stuff you need to house the next list of programs:
7 Studios in different medium and small sizes
1 Big Drawing Studio ( 75 drawing posts)
2 Sculpture Studios and 2 Painting Studios
1 Engraving and stamping workshop
1 Materials Laboratory
1 Big Models and 3D printing Lab.
4 Workshop classrooms multiple technics
4 Graphic classrooms in different sizes

High School of Visual Communication and Media studies 2000 m2
The theory classrooms could be shared by both universities and you must add these other requirements:
1 Languages Lab 10 chambers y 12 lecturer posts
1 Writing area for 28 positions
2 Graphic Design classrrom
3 Radio Studios and 2 TV Studios
2 Video Assembly rooms
2 Photography Studios
2 Photography Laboratory
1 Image Studio Big Formats splittable
2 Multimedia computer rooms
1 Translation laboratory,
2 room with simultaneous translation booths.
Shared Spaces and Open Spaces 3000 m2
It will also include areas of common use that will have spaces for Management Offices, Representative area, Cafeteria Bar Restaurants and dining rooms, Library, Large-format auditorium for 700 people, and whatever uses the student deems necessary to complete their program proposal in a coherent manner.
The shared program has to be completed with a small residential space for Exchange Professors.