Productive Landscapes. Next assignment: Organizational diagrams.

The aim of next week’s assignment is to elaborate a document that will be the base for the development of each specific project in architectural terms. You will bring a kind of pre-programmatic definition of what happens in your project, who are users and agents, what actions take place and what processes are involved in it.


Two Organizational diagrams in both plan and section showing:

– Agents/users involved
– Their actions
– The spaces involved in those actions
– Relationships among agents
– Processeses involved
– Spaces related to those actions and processes

1A3 for ‘plan’ and 1A3 for ‘section’. The actual location of the project should also be incorporated, in the diagrams themselves or in a separate A3 (in this case the assignment would consist of 3A3).

Next monday you will bring in your assignments. We will dedicate (professors only) tuesday to go through your work in order to give each of you a midterm grade. Therefore there won’t be formal class and you will have the two hour’s class to work individually in your project. Then we will meet on wednesday as usual, take back the workshop and read the midterm grades at the end of the class.