New Techniques, Architecture, City is a consolidated research group within the  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid directed by ETSAM Professor of Architectural Design Gabriel Ruiz Cabrero. The groups main research interest is the study of the phenomena and techniques of intervention in the urban context with a holistic view capable of traversing the different scales or levels of detail. To achieve this approach the group brings together members of three different academic departments within the ETS of Architecture: Urban Planning, Architectural Design y Building Technology.

Amongst its research activities, the group has been granted funding by the Spanish National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation for projects like New Techniques, Social Housing and Urban Restructuration. The most recent books from the group are Houses in Japan and Houses in the Netherlands (excerpts available online).

Research activity and other relevant information about the group can be found in the R+D+i Observatory of the Polytechnical University of Madrid.

Nuevas Técnicas Arquitectura y Ciudad
Grupo de Investigación UPM – ETSAM

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