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Carmen Espegel Alonso | Main researcher




Andres Canovas


Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz | Researcher



Jose M La Puerta


José María Lapuerta Montoya | Researcher



Carmen Martinez Arroyo


Mª Carmen Martínez Arroyo | Researcher



Rodrigo Penjeam


Rodrigo Francisco Pemjean Muñoz | Researcher 



Emilia Pezzi


Mª Emilia Hernández Pezzi | Researcher



Arturo Blanco


Arturo Blanco Herrero | Researcher






Esperanza Campaña


Esperanza M. Campaña Barquero | Predoctoral researcher



Daniel Movilla


Daniel Movilla Vega | Predoctoral researcher



Gustavo Rojas


Gustavo Rojas Pérez | Predoctoral researcher



Borja Sallago


Borja Sallago Zambrano | Predoctoral researcher


Salvora Feliz


Sálvora Feliz Ricoy | Predoctoral researcher




Elena Martínez-Millana | Predoctoral researcher








Andrea Gimeno


Andrea Gimeno Sánchez | Junior researcher

  • GIVCO is an established research group of the Polytechnic University of Madrid that develops its work from a clear position: understanding shared forms of habitat as possible and necessary items to generate contemporary city. The fundamental lines of work in the group are based on the deep, systematic and transmissible knowledge of the history of residential projects of the twentieth century. They pursue to validate, redeem or improve the potentialities of the built environment for the architectural production and the current debate on collective housing in areas such as typological genesis, limits of habitability, real estate management processes or modes of belonging.


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